About this site

Model building has been my hobby for the past 50+ years and I am an avid reader of military history.  My interests are of World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, Middle East Wars, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom.   I like to build subjects of what I read which is armor, aircraft (mostly jets today)  and some Sci-fi/space subjects in most scales but tend to build 1/48 most often. This site is a collection of my research notes.


My Beginnings:

Since February 2011, I have been “hanging out” on the Track48 forum which was hosted on Network54.com.  Over the years, I posted a number of articles and conversed with many great guys around the world.  In April 2018, the forum migrated from Network54 to Tapatalk.com.  All my earlier postings are still there but the some of the formatting was lost during the migration because Tapatalk does not support HTML tags and some of my earliest postings have some missing images.  From my experiences I say “the internet is not forever” where websites are restructured or just disappear completely.  I still have all the materials and I might consider reworking some of those earlier posts to post on this blog.   I consider this blog as my way of “going public” plus I have better control over my posts.   I still “hang out” on the Track48 forum as it is like my local bar.

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