Mike’s Research Posting Hiatus – Ended

On Monday, March 27, I am going into the hospital for hip replacement surgery and afterwards is recovery for an unknown period of time.

During this period, Mike’s Research website will still be available but comments will not be monitored or approved.

Hi all, I am back posting today – Mike.


15 thoughts on “Mike’s Research Posting Hiatus – Ended

  1. Take care. My wife had the same operation. What is important is the recovery period and following the advice given.


  2. Best of luck and wishing you a speedy recovery, love your articles and will be looking forward to new ones when you’re back in action!!


  3. Good luck on the surgery and recovery. I am sure all will go well. I wish the best and will wait for your return. Thanks for the work you put in. I always enjoy and learn a lot from your articles.


  4. Best Wishes for a smooth op and speedy recovery Mike. Appreciate the hard work that goes into these articles and look forward to the first post-hiatus return, all in good time.


  5. Que todo salga bien y la recuperación sea pronta. Saludos

    May everything go well and recovery be prompt. Best regards.


  6. Praying your recovery is going well. I wanted to thank you for your information on the Rebel Roost’s part in the Korean War. My dad, Sgt Henry O. Valliere was the driver of that tank (middle guy in the pic of the clothes hanging on the turret”. He didn’t talk about his time in the military so anything I can find online helps me. Thank you again.


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