Großdeutschland Panzers 1942-45

The Panzergrenadier Division Großdeutschland was an élite German Army (Heer) combat unit which fought on the Russian front during WWII. Originally a ceremonial unit, it first became an infanterie regiment and over the course of the war expanded to become an "over sized" panzergrenadier division with its own organic panzer regiment which included Tigers and … Continue reading Großdeutschland Panzers 1942-45

Soviet Stalinets S-60/S-65 Tractors

The Soviet Union built the Stalinets S-60/S-65 tractors in the 1930s mainly for agricultural work. In June 1941, Germany invaded the Soviet Union and the Soviets took heavy losses in troops and material. To replace their losses, the Soviet were forced to take desperate measures. Large numbers of these farm tractors were taken directly from … Continue reading Soviet Stalinets S-60/S-65 Tractors

Americans at Gazala Libya 1942

In June 1942, a small American tank detachment arrived in Libya and joined the British Eighth Army during the battle of Gazala to get experience in desert warfare under actual battlefield conditions. In combat, they destroyed a number of panzers. Time Magazine recorded this unit as being the first Americans to engage German ground forces … Continue reading Americans at Gazala Libya 1942

Czechoslovakia 1945 and 1968

During the 20th century, Czechoslovakia experienced two invasions by the Soviet Union. The first was in the spring of 1945 when the Soviet Union liberated Czechoslovakia from fascist Germany. The second was 23 years later in August 1968 when the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact countries "liberated" Czechoslovakia to stop the democratization of the … Continue reading Czechoslovakia 1945 and 1968